Stewart KowalskiProfessor Information security, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    Stewart Kowalski has over 35 years of industry and academic experience in information security and has worked for a number of large international companies including Ericsson , Telia Research, Huawei, Digital and HP . He has also taught and researched information security at a number of universities, including the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm School of Economics, and Stockholm University Department of Computer and Systems Sciences.. He is currently a Guest Professor at the University of Skövde Department of Information Systems and holds a Full Professor positions in Information Security at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology, in the Norwegian University of Science and Technology,  He is the socio-technical development leader for the  Norwegian Cyber Range and focuses his research on cyber security crisis simulation, preon vention, management training for individual’s, teams, private and public organization, and nations.

    YouTube Presentation on the Norwegian Cyber Range