Rula Sayaf

    Dr. Rula Sayaf is working with multiple international partners, on GDPR compliance and technologically-challenging problems and solutions, and trainings. She has extensive knowledge and experience in information security, privacy and data protection from both technological and legal points of views. She is a member of the Internet Privacy Engineering Network of the European Data Protection Supervisor in Brussels. She will impart her expertise having founded her own specialist consultancy, Privacy Algebra, to bring knowledge about privacy, security, and A.I. from Academia to Industry in the context of GDPR compliance. She has co-founded the Privacy Training Centre in Belgium to offer privacy and security training to EU institutions, companies and the public. Rula has obtained her PhD in security, privacy and AI from the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at KULeuven, Belgium. She has developed automatic security and privacy solutions using machine learning at Microsoft Research. She is an expert in Privacy by Design, Privacy Engineering, access control and accountability technologies, and big data analytics.